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Baa! Baa!

Meme hijacked from the_hunter.

Imagine you are to be taken to a desert island, Desert Island Discs style...

You have to pick one member of your friends list to go with you. You have the following criteria.

Someone who can survive, and will be useful building shelters, catching and finding food and drink.
valkyrieblue as she's a county engineer and lives in a farming area

Someone who will cope with the solitude.
ciciaye as she would probably spend the time writing so we'd have more humourous stuff

Someone who will provide conversation and humour.
the_hunter. Sorry mate, but given your reputation something funny would happen each day.

Who would, ooh, lets say the top three on your friends list be, and why?

Copy the relevent bits of this into your own lj, and answer :)

( Please note that all the above is based on my impression of the persons character and so may be wildly inaccurate! :-) )
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