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Home of the terminally single
Looks like Belgium has got another famous export.

Who? Ian Van Dahl.

I first heard one of theirsongs at the gym and thought it was good. ( The fact that the lead singer, Annemie Coenen, is a grey-eyed blonde who looks a decent height had nothing to do with it. Honest! :-) )

Have now been to the website at http://www.ianvandahl.com/ and listened to some other tracks. Methinks I've found another driving tunes album.

BTW, regarding the name, I'll let the young lady explain it herself with a quote from their bio :-

“Ian Van Dahl was just a project name,” laughs Annemie. “The record company wanted
something that sounded a bit Dutch or Flemish - it wasn’t until the track got really big
that we realised Ian was a male’s name – everyone in the UK was expecting a man and
looked really surprised when I turned up for gigs!”

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