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Home of the terminally single
Book awards
This is going into my LJ and the forum on the Family Bites fan site ( www.falboroughhall.co.uk ).

There are several book awards coming up where the public can nominate books as well as voting for them.

In the UK there is the WH Smith book awards ( www.whsmithbookawards.co.uk ) in which Family Bites can be entered in the main fiction category and also in the Debut Novel category. Voting ends 25th Feb.

Internationally there are the Hugos and the John W Campbell award for new authors. The shortlist for these is made up of nominations from members of Noreascon 4 and Torcon 3. ( Noreascon 4 is the 2004 WorldCon www.noreascon.org ).

Family Bites is eligible in the best novel category of the Hugos. I need to clarify if Lisa is eligible for the Campbell award as in one place it says that writers of novels are eligible whatever the print run and in another it says that the 10,000 copy minimum applied to publications with short stories in also applies to novels. Nominations close 25th March

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