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Something I've just found

Some of you may have heard of Jane Tomlinson from Leeds. For those that haven't, she has advanced metastatic
breast cancer which was diagnosed incurable on the 31st August 2000. Jane’s prognosis was for her to survive six

Since then she's done several marathons, an ironman and other endurance events for charity.

Well now she's doing a charity ride from San Francisco to New York and the ride will finish on the 6th anniversary of the diagnosis date.

The website ( ) appears to show her coming very near to one or two of the Americans on my friends list, so you guys may want to keep an eye out for her or any media coverage.

If you want to, you can sponsor Janes British or American charities by following links on the site. ( She uses who were also used by giruff and seem to do a good job. )
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