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Gym review

Now got told how to use Rowing machine, Leg press, Tricep pulldown and Cross-trainer ( my names, will get proper ones when I copy stuff on card to XDA on Sat ).

Don't think my joke about the Cross-trainer was appreciated. :-(

As it simulates the uphill part of cross-country skiing, I made the comment that I'd never yet seen a Langlauf course that was all uphill!

Got re-measured. Weight up 4lb so BMI slightly up but the trainer wasn't bothered about that as your weight will fluctuate and also muscle is heaver than fat. Good news was that my body fat percentage has dropped around 7%. I'll have to check the actual change and the original value on Saturday, but I think this change is about 20% of the original value!

Also he was happy with how I'm doing the two exercises I wasn't sure about. ( Situps and Shoulder press )

As we shot through everything at a slightly faster rate than I'd do it normally I ended up totally knackered, but very pleased the hard work is paying off! :-))

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