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Gym phase 2

Additional equipment
Leg press, 3 sets of 12 @ 35Kg
Tricep pull down, 3 sets of 10 @ 10Kg
X-trainer, level 2-3, 3-5 min, speed 100-110
Rower, just row, level 4, 3-5 min

However, I'm seriously not happy as I misread the Fat Index change. The real numbers are below, sorry for misleading folk!

Weight 14-1 89.6 Kg
Height 6' 1.83m
Bmi 26.7
Fat index 35.5% Fat amount 31.8Kg

Weight 14-5 91.4 Kg
Height 6'0.4" 1.84m
Bmi 26.9
Fat index 32.7% Fat amount 29.8Kg

Fat index change = 2.8% or 7.9% of original

Fat amount change = 2Kg = 4.4lb or 6.3 of original. ( Eh? Those numbers will be checked! )

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