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You don't HAVE to be mad to live this life, but it certainly helps!

Please can I have a boring life?

The original, original plan for the Con was to have the 17th off work to sort things out and go down early on the 18th.

Then I got involved in the UU faculty stuff and offered to help shinydan get some books to esmeraldus at the Con. Plans were changed to go down on Thursday via Manchester and stay in Leicester overnight. ( Using loyalty points to get a free hotel night. )

It now appears that other people want to see me as I fly past Manchester! This will be arranged, but I don't know how long for. ( You'll get an e-mail later, OK? :-)) )

Tomorrow will be fun as well as it's 20 years since I joined the firm! It was decided that as I'm a mug nice person that I should invite people to the pub for a drink. There will be about 20 people there. It's amazing how many friends you have when free booze is on offer! :-))
( Seriously, I've actually invited each one personally. )

Anyway, as well as an increase in Christmas bonus and an invite to a presentation dinner with one of the big bosses, I get some money for myself and my partner to have a weekend away. All I have to do is work out who to take. Any, female, volunteers? :-)

Actually, the money will go towards holidays I've already booked.

EDIT: Forgot the important bit!

I'll be travelling later on Thursday than originally intended as I have to go with another guy on a day trip to Bristol to install a server. He gets back from holiday on the 15th while I'm off from the 17th. This meant the 16th ( Wed ) is the ONLY day possible for the trip and it's over 4 hours each way! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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