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Friday night and Saturday morning

This is fun! :-)

Went to Trevors Klatch which was really good, the best bit being Trevors surprise that he had a full house. I don't think he was aware of how many fans he has.

The opening ceremony was excellent as usual, lots of laughs especially when Diane Duane tried to do a speech as head of the Seamstresses guild. After one gale of laughter her comment was along the lines of 'I couldn't work out what to say that wouldn't be taken as a triple-entendre!'

The scariest moment? Being unexpectedly namechecked by Meg during her welcome speech!

More later as I'm helping with the kids entertainment and the afp party today.

I've been told that the Con organisation is like a black hole, get too close and you get sucked in!
I think I got too close! :-))

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