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That book

Hmm. I think I may do a survey here.

What about, you ask?

The book of stories by a certain gentleman that broke Bath.


Because of what's happened to me over the last 48 hours.

Yesterday I ended up with a pool of water in the bottom of one of the pockets on my Hi-vis jacket. This was caused by standing around sorting out coach luggage in a downpour when there wasn't a flap on the pocket. ( Unfortunately, I thought there was a flap and that's why the PDA was in there! )

Thing got more interesting today.

Boss announces theres one of the big bosses coming round on Wednesday so we have to clean up.

( Hint to big bosses. First question should be 'This room is so tidy, do you actually do any work in here?' )

Mate says "Will you tidy my desk as I have some work to do?"

My answer was a strongish version of "Not likely!". I then suggested that maybe if I put him in A&E he wouldn't have to tidy up and raised my knee quickly. At this point he did the same and I came off worse when our knees hit each other.

Turning to go I then managed to kick one of the other lads who was passing behind at the time.

Things then quietened down until about 15 min later when I was putting a box on a high shelf. This contained backup tapes that are about 2/3 the size and weight of a video cassette. The top two in the box weren't secure enough and decended to the floor. Via my nose!

So my question is :- Has he put a 'fluence on the book to make us all as accident prone as him? Or is it just me? :-))

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