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Quote from a BBC article :-

Dr Magnanti ( the woman who's now admitted being 'Belle de Jour' ) told the Sunday Times she worked as a prostitute from 2003 to late 2004, and found it "so much more enjoyable" than her shifts in another job as a computer programmer.

Sex more enjoyable than programming? Why did no one tell me this before?

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Dear Lurgy

Please either bog off or turn into something serious so I can be looked after by nurses in hospital.

Stop plonking about like a spare wotsit at a wedding.

No love,
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Things that are good :-

I'm on holiday until Tuesday.
I'm booked to go to Oswestry and join about 120 other nutters folk to do wonderful things to help restore the Montgomery Canal.

Things that are not good :-

I've been tired and coughing badly all day. Dunno if it's the after-effects of there maybe not being quite enough ventilation when using paint last night or if it's this lurgy that's reported to be about. I shall be a little bit peed-off if I miss the canal camp!

Update : It's now Friday morning and the coughing has turned into a full-scale lurgy. So, no canal camp. Bum!
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New hair-do

I can haz teh stupid!

I appear to need some new braincells as the following happened this morning. ( Mon. )

Wanders into work and sees guy who was ill last week is back in. I cover for him on a daily check for a client so I ask 'Are you in all week, as I'm off Friday?'

At which point he replies 'I know you are and, according to the holiday calendar, you're off next Monday as well.'

At this point I went 'What?'!

After double checking with the holiday booking sheets it appears that I'd completely forgotten about a days holiday I'd booked.

Oh dear!
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This was going to be a rant about something rotten that happened at the airshow.

But, a close friend has just lost someone very dear to them.

Puts losing a lump of metal and plastic into perspective, doesn't it?

Probably put the details up tomorrow.
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New hair-do

The plane, the plane!

Have found that there are 2 six o'clocks in a day I'm just about to head off for Southport and my stint on the Vulcan stand.

Don't forget 558 will also be at Manchester Airport later.

Wish me luck!

ps Anyone who gets the title is showing their age! :-)
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Back from riding little trains in Wales.

Had some good news.

Not only is the Vulcan displaying at around 4pm on Sunday at Southport, but, on the way there, she's doing a missed approach and climb out at Manchester Airport!!!!!


( All the above is subject to weather and serviceability of course. )
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Looks like standing around in the cold winds of Nottinghamshire was not 'A Good Thing' as I now have a cold. ( It ain't flu as I can still do things! )

Hopefully next years do near Reading will be better weather wise despite still being on August Bank Holiday when the weather gods love being evil to mere mortals.

Hmm. We are at Beale Park. Anyone know how close that is to the Reading Festival site, and what date that is next year?
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